Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Blurred Boundaries

Business or personal? Teacher or individual? Work or play?

Two years after deciding to change the direction of A Learner Yogi I find myself still struggling to find content.

At that time, I also decided to set up a blog on my business site and copied teaching-related posts and sequences to the new blog. And that's where most of my yoga content has ended up.

Although a lot of the posts have related to events and classes, which wouldn't have been appropriate on A Learner Yogi, other content posted on my business blog would've worked just as well on A Learner Yogi.

And here lies my dilemma. Because yoga is such an integral part of my life, can I really make a distinction between what is personal and what is business?

I might be the teacher in my classes but sometimes I become the student. Questions posed during class can generate ideas, stimulate interest and lead me to research and refine how I teach. If I'm attending a class or workshop, I'm not just a student - I'm mentally (or physically) taking notes for my classes.

So maybe there isn't a clear-cut way to classify my yoga posts. I'm a melding of roles, a blend of different ideas and behaviours, and the thoughts and words that arise can't be classified as content for one blog or the other.

So what to do with A Learner Yogi? Should I retire it? Am I only trying to keep it going because I'm ‘attached’ to it?

So, in the spirit of vairagya (non-attachment) I'm stepping away and letting this blog go whatever way it does. There might be the odd post - something that definitely doesn't feel appropriate for my business blog - or this might be the last post.

I'll still be around on the web. I enjoy the brevity and immediacy of Instagram where I post under @learneryogi, and I'm posting more on my business blog at LaiLin Yoga.

Whatever your preferred social media app, I hope you'll continue to join me on this journey through life.

Join me on ...

... and of course, here at A Learner Yogi! 😉

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