Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trying to Be Green

2 litres white vinegar, 2 litres apple cider vinegar, 500g plain low-fat yoghurt

As I passed through the checkout, I wondered if people would think the large amounts of vinegar and yoghurt in my shopping trolley a little odd. Actually, forget what other people think, I'm sure Hubby thinks I'm mad.

What did I have in mind for these items?

Apple cider vinegar
Most of the apple cider vinegar is used as a hair conditioner as part of my no shampoo routine. A 2-litre bottle lasts at least six months if I don't use it for cooking. free winking smiley from mysmiley.net
White vinegar
I was using half a cup of white vinegar as a fabric softener for the washing. The 'eco-friendly' fabric softener left a gluggy residue in the dispenser and I had read that vinegar could be used to clean the machine and as a fabric softener. It definitely cleared a lot of gunk out of the machine but the clothes seemed quite stiff.

So I've been trialing a fabric softener comprising 1 part bicarbonate soda, 6 parts vinegar, and 8 parts water—making the fabric softener is half the fun.Free smiley from mysmiley.net I use half a cup per wash along with some eucalyptus oil. The clothes do seem softer (it could be wishful thinking) but my laundry smells like methylated spirits! I can't work out if it's the fabric softener or a reaction between the fabric softener and the eucalyptus.

A 2-litre bottle of white vinegar lasts about 6 weeks. I tend to use up the bicarbonate of soda quicker because it's a key ingredient for my shampoo, my fabric softener, and my cooking!

Years ago, a friend told me about using honey as a face mask and it always left my skin feeling smooth and supple. When my acne flared up recently making my skin both dry and itchy, I planned to make a honey mask but I also wanted something that would soothe the acne. I discovered that a mixture of yoghurt and honey left in the fridge produced a lovely, cool soothing mask that I could use every day.

And of course, the yoghurt is used as an accompaniment to a lot of our meals.

I like to think that using these foods in these ways helps a little towards protecting our environment. Do you have any favourite green uses for readily available foods?

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